Oh, look at the time! Man, this week totally got away from me. Every time its my usual bloggy time this week, I was retarded busy. I don’t care for weeks like this. Because, even though I was busy, it wasn’t a ‘clean’ busy, it was very ‘messy’. Meaning, I couldn’t get something done and then move on. I had to whittle at one problem, do the same to another, and then to a third, come back to the first, so on and so forth. Aggravating.

Point is, I didn’t get to do much this week in terms of entries.

Volleyball started Monday night. Eh. I’ll use it for practice. It’s somewhere between rec league and low intermediate. The team my team played against was definitely on the low end of recreational league in the spectrum of teams. We soundly whipped their asses. At one point in the game, I had 12 straight successful serves. The courts feels small, as does the net. I remember botching one spike and missing one long hit, but other than that I played pretty well. My team seems okay. There’s a girl a few years younger than I who seems pretty decent. Another girl’s a pretty good setter. We have one dude that has some nice jumps. The rest seem decent enough. At least good enough to win against any other team I saw play anyways. Man, I tell you, I miss the team I had, though. I got to play for another team before ours as they we missing people. It was nice to be able to warm up with another team first.

But MAN, did my legs hurt afterwards. They hurt until about yesterday evening. My legs forgot what impact on a hardwood court was. I was totally bumping around the house for days afterwards.

I know I’ve promised pics from the Pumpkin patch on Saturday, I just haven’t had time. Hopefully tonight.