Meh, ya weenies. They made a big production about the weather we’d be getting today and it was nothing. It was a bit odd for the time of year, a bit of a spring storm in October, but nothing bad. So, we’re not in Oz, for anyone wondering.

We had a volleyball game last night. Truthfully, I thought we were going to get smoked, especially after last week’s debacle. The team we were playing with looked pretty strong for the league we were in, and we’re a bit not so much so. But we ended up beating them in two straight games, which was a bit of a surprise. I did okay. A few errors here and there, but nothing too bad. I had a couple of decent kills, too. I tried to block a guy and didn’t get fully behind it, so it dropped in for a point for them. Boo. Dang it. So next week we have a double header, so I wont have to beg to jump in on another team just to get some game time. Before the game, Mo and I walked the track a bit and she showed me what kinds of elements she does when she works out. I’m so happy for her. She really shows an interest in improving herself physically. She’s doing yoga, she’s working out some, good on her. I’m proud of her for showing initiative. Now maybe it’ll rub off on me… I need to get back to at least doing elements of P90X. I don’t think I’ll do the plan verbatim, but I do want to do some of the elements. So we’ll see. I know I’m my worst enemy, so I have to keep myself in check. Only time will tell if I can do it or not.