Just in time for Halloween, Rockstar Games released an expansion pack for a favorite game of mine, Red Dead Redemption, causing a plague upon the Old West. You know, I’m not a complete zombie freak, but I have to say, movies like Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days/Weeks Later, and games like Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 have certainly pulled me in. And now, I get to meet the zombipocalypse in the world of John Marston, who, really, had a pretty shitty luck of the draw as it was. I’m only a half hour in, and it’s been pretty brutal for our hero so far. Man, I tell you, if they zombify Bonnie MacFarlane, I’mma be pretty upset. She’s a favorite character of mine in the game.

Anyways, it takes place shortly after the majority of the original game. Whether it’s in full context of the original is yet to be seen.  The title of the expansion is ‘Undead Nightmare’, so I’m thinking this will all be a dream sequence. The character known as ‘Uncle’ is the first fully infected character we see, and he attacks the family. I’ll just say he’s successful and leave it at that. Marston once again travels the range, this time, in search of a cure. One of the big selling points of the original game was the writing and character dialog. Seriously, I’d see this movie opening night if they made a movie off of Red Dead Redemption, and I’m not even a cowboy nut. So, the writing for Undead Nightmare (or UN as I’ll refer to it as) has been a bit all over. The start was a bit rough and cheesy, but I can deal as there’s a certain innocence in it that sells it somewhat. I’ve only been to one big town so far, but the dialog has picked back up. And there was once again some tongue-in-cheek (who’s tongue in who’s cheek? Ha! Get it? Zombie story?! Bah!!) Humor that made the game fun. I can’t wait to play some more and drop into this nightmare world. Oh, and there’s Sasquatches. Did I mention the Sasquatches? Fun!

Other than that, I failed to fix a drainage issue in our sink last night. Pretty disappointed in myself. Moreso that I don’t know what to do rather than failing. It sucks. So we have to call ima guy who knows what to do. Ugh. $$.

Mo and I watched The Girl Who Played With Fire last night. Not a bad flick, although, this is the second of three, and I have yet to see the first (Mo has). Basically, its a revenge film with a Chuck who was wronged and is setting stuff straight. It’s got some Star Wars twists to it, and thats all I’m saying… it IS a Swedish film though, so be prepared for subtitles or an English-dubbed track. I need to watch the first one before I recommend the movie or not.