So, over the course of two days, Mo and I have rented two movies, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Last Airbender. We had both heard negative buzz on both, but also heard positive buzz for Scott Pilgrim. We had to watch them both. So we did.

We rented Scott Pilgrim on Monday night from Itunes. Kinda pricey at a 4$ rental, but it’s Apple. They’re used to throwing it up the butts of their users anyways, we didn’t even blink. Thoughts on it? HOLY CRAP was this movie fun!!! It’s not a big award winning movie, and at times it wa…okay, the whole damned movie was daffy as hell, but it was honest to goodness fun. Everything was done tongue-in-cheek, and if you didn’t pick up on the humor of it, you’d be lost. Set with some early twenty-somethings, it was focus on the Nintendo video game generation. Unfortunately, that could leave folks out in the cold at some of the jokes, but this flick was aimed at my age group (as was the comic, of which this was based on). I mean, seriously, gaining coins, 1-ups for lives, ‘achieving’ weapons, pretty hilarious stuff. Usually, I hate Michael Cera’s characters, but this one fit him to a T. The girls in it were adorable, Chris Evans (Human Torch/Captain America) had a great bit part, it was all just FUN. All I could bother to ask for. We will definitely be buying that flick this week.

And so…in comparison, I give you The Last Airbender. This was based off of an epic cartoon series on Nickelodeon. Although cutest and kid friendly, the story was both entertaining and interesting to adults as well. When we heard there was going to be a live action movie on it, we were both excited. Courtesy of Redbox, we watched it last night. Whoooo boy… I like to think I’m extremely open minded when it comes to movies, I really am. I blank my mind before the movie starts so it can take me where it wants. Rarely am I critical, as I don’t have. Critical eye for things. But this mess even had me criticizing it. The movie LOOKED like it should have, the characters LOOKED like they should have, but they couldn’t deliver a line if they had a forklift. The acting was SO BAD in it, even I was calling it out. I could have done a better job at it. And another strike against it, to the point it got national attention, was that of the racial ignoring. In the cartoon, the characters were ethnically diverse, obliously so. And rightfully, they were of different countries and backgrounds. But in this flick, there was an awful lot of caucasian presence, little asian presence, and it was painfully obvious. Airbender, which was originally was called Avatar (but had to be changed due to the blue Pocahontas movie coming first) was directed by M. Night Shamalan, so instantly, internet fans hated it. Because, well, they’re stupid. But really, I have never seen a worse acted movie in my life. Ever. The scenes were right, they notched some names of characters, left out some good characters, and just ended up with a pile of movie poo-poo.

We were sad. :-(