Well, for me, anyways. Last night was the first tournament game for our championship, and we won convincingly. Too convincingly. I was hoping we’d have to go three games to win the match, but we were too over powering. Not to say we were too good, we made tons of errors, it’s just the team we played against, well, we’re a little more trained than they. They are a fun team, though. I hope they don’t get discouraged from playing next session, they are a good team for the league. We play in the championship round next Monday, and where will I be? (Hopefully) Sunny Sarasota, FL. Truth be told, I’d rather be playing volleyball, but that’s just me.

So, where do I go from here? I’m waiting on CCA Sports to let me know when the league starts. I miss playing with Scott, Christine and Jacki, and it could be interesting what happens when we add the other guy from my team, Vikas, as he’ll provide some pop. We need a girl yet, but I’m sure we can find someone. I’m looking forward to the more competitive league, to see how we fare after gelling in the sand leagues. Hopefully I can improve on my abilities I’ve gained playing in this scrum league, to become a stronger player overall.