That’s the best way I can describe today. This morning, I was feeling pretty shitty and down. Not sure why really, but I know I was low. I know I get down during the winter months… I hate cold, I don’t like snow…all in all, it’s kind of a crummy time. It’s better now than years ago. I tell you, being single during the holidays sucked balls. The rest of the year, its not bad, but, man, what is it about Turkey Day and Christmas that makes folks that more lonely?

That all said, I’m feeling better this afternoon. Not good, just better than I was feeling. The Sun poked out a couple of times and shined down on me at lunch, that’s a good sign. We have our first tournament game in volleyball tonight. Given the team we’re playing against, we should be able to beat them blindfolded. We kind of got screwed in the bracket. At worst, we were tied for the best record. At best, we should have it as the other team had to grab players nearly every game they played.  But, when it boils down, we were given the #2 spot. Which, honestly, works out for me. If we had the top spot, we would have had to sit this week with a bye and I wouldn’t have been able to play next week due to my training (more on that later). So I at least get one more game, anyway. That’s something. Not sure if I’ll play with these guys any more, though. They seem decent enough people, but I don’t feel I’m learning anything from them, ya know? And I’m far from good enough to where I don’t need to keep learning. Still though, it’s served a purpose in keeping the rust off, and for that, I’m thankful.
Who knows. If the league up north is on a different night, maybe I will continue to play with these guys. We should be able to run the league, and now that I’m 100%, I feel like we can beat any of the teams there, soundly. I wish they would have moved the tournament back a week, though… I would have really liked to play for the championship. Ah well…

Pottygate is going three steps forward, two steps back. Griffen will pee in the potty as long as we ask him to go sit, but he refuses to poo. I hope he’s not holding it back as it’s not good for him. We did have a poo incident where he …and I don’t know how he did this… he had poo smeared on the seat and wall behind him. I about threw up. I’m not sure if we freaked him out about or what, but, in his words, “I’m never going poopy in the potty, never ever.” Griffen is as stubborn as his mommy, for sure. Still though, we’re working it. Soon.  

I hope.