Blech. I hate the cold months. From October until about May, if I could hibernate that long, I’d be a happy panda … How the hell does my autotext not have ‘panda’ in it?! Anyways, I hate the cold, I hate winter, and wish it all away. Well, not really. If we didn’t have the ball-chilling months, we couldn’t appreciate the humid-filled days of summer. So, I like the cold only to love the heat.

Halloween has come and gone once again. The boys were very vikingly vikings, and Phoenix sucking a pacifier while in costume only added to the whole package. When we went to the zoo, everyone was complimenting the boys for their costume. Mo really did a number on them, as she handmade the full get up. I hope she was pround, as I was.

Anyone that has friended me on Facebook will hopefully notice a trend this month. Due to Thanksgiving, I’m trying to give thanks each day for something different. I suppose it means nothing more than a gesture, and I’d like to think I’m a thankful person year round, but I just want to take the time to give thanks. So we’ll see if my A.D.D. ass can stick with it or not.