At least, that’s what my body is telling me anyways. I can’t seem to make it through a night of volleyball without something hurting. Sometimes its muscles, sometimes its ankle(s), sometimes its a wrist… today is my kneecap of all things.  Feels like I tweaked it last night. It hurt last night pretty bad, but I played through. It’s not hurting so much today but I can still feel it. Old.

We won last night, pretty decidedly as well. We had a doubleheader scheduled, but the other team didn’t show up till 8, and man, was that a kerfluffle. They didn’t see the (3rd) revision of the schedule, and basically, it screwed them. Not only that, but the team we were supposed to play didn’t even have enough to play, so they had the team who forfeited for players so they could play a legit game. It was interesting. And we smoked them. Like, our game started at 8… I was at the house by 8:40. It was working for us last night. Everyone was hitting solid, most of the serves were working, it was nice. I notched a beautiful set and hit a serve in the net, but that was it, I think. And me being self critical, that’s saying something. I tell you what though, I can’t wait to play ball with Jacki, Christine and Scott again. I enjoy playing with those guys, they’re fun to play with and be around. I don’t not have fun with these guys, it’s just not the same. They’re kind of quiet and boring, not a lot of life in them. And me personally, I’m always talking or saying something, so when everyone else is quiet, only my dumb ass can be heard, and that’s not really a good thing… one of the guys might come with me to play with our group, he’s solid and wants a bit more competition. So that’ll be good for us to have a strong third dude. Another girl on our team plays CCA as well, so maybe we’ll run into her in January.

Man I love volleyball, I really do. I wish I had never stopped playing.