It threw off my schedule yesterday as I didn’t take a lunch. And, if I get no lunch, I don’t get a chance to enter anything. It’s just how it goes.

So…freaking Christmas. I’ve never been a big Christmas person, my holiday of choice is Halloween. It’s like Christmas without the expectations, and the dressing up is MUCH more fun. But, ya know, it’s bound to get here, same as every year. Neither Mo nor I am into the holiday, but I don’t want that to rub off on the boys. If they happen to like another holiday better, it wouldn’t break my heart, but I don’t want it to be because we’re scrooges (well, I’m not, Mo’s more like that than I, but that’s only marginally). I want them to enjoy the holiday, and want them to have fun hanging around the family. Thats the one thing Christmas has over Halloween, is that Christmas is more family oriented. So, point for it, but the fact that it’s in the dead of winter cast the points into negative anyways.

So anyways, now that we’ve gotten our extra check from work, I can finally get the presents for peoples. Slacker, I know, but it’s life, thats how it happens. Friday, I hope to do some shopping to maybe be done this weekend, that would kick ass if it happened. We’ll see, though.

Ho, ho, ho.