Which, I guess technically, should be next week, but I’ve got my own little distraction for next week…I’ll get into that later. Now that Christmas is past us, the tree is away, the presents are unwrapped, the kids only have their birthdays to look forward to…or rather its what we have to look forward to for the kids, anyways. New Year’s means nothing to them, and since we’re old farts and don’t have a babysitter, it virtually means nothing for us. Well, okay, it means something for me as I have Friday and Monday off, so that’s something. But I’ll be spending it cleaning the basement. Fun.

Back to Christmas… it was good. It was a three day thing for us. Thursday, we did christmas with Joanne and the boys at our house. We kept the tree barren of presents, and while I gave them a bath that evening, I had Joanne and Mo bring the presents out and start ringing sleigh bells. That fired Griffen up, and he barrelled out of the bathroom butt-nekid to discover goodies left for him. He was pleased. Phoenix was pretty excited, too. Friday rolled around, and we went back to Versailles for the weekend. The boys and I went to the pageant, and then we all met up at my aunt Jennifer’s for a late dinner. The boys were pretty happy to see the family, and they got to stay up real late. Win for them. I went to the candlelight service with dad, and went back to the house for the night. Saturday morning rolled out early, as the boys woke up at seven. We had our big breakfast with Sara’s family and opened presents.  We all went to Grandma’s later for lunch and presents there. It was a big day for the boys. Mom and dad took the boys as we took Maycen And Bailee to see Tron. We left early Sunday to try to let the boys take a nap, but it was not to be. They played and was generally good though, so that made it easier.

Ahhhh, Christmas… Good times.