So I did it, I pulled the trigger. I got me a new computer. And it looks OH SO pretty. I just hope it can bring to the table what I’m needing it to do, or I’ma gonna be pissed. As Best Buy carries the Wacom Intuos4 small tablet, looks like I’m gonna pull the trigger on that, too (Sending my Best Buy Rewards through the roof, too…). So… good times. Kind of looking forward to it… I hope I can really make that thing work for me.

So, what did I do this weekend? Throw up. Mo and I both got food poisoning Thursday night/Friday morning, so not only did that wreck me watching Tron and enjoying a day off, but it ruined the whole weekend due to it throwing our schedules off. We were dead people walking Friday, and the Indians were running the village, as it were. We just prayed that the boys didn’t burn the house down, as there wasn’t a whole lot we could do about it. Mo’s mom came later in the day to provide some relief and came bearing Gatorade…and that Gatorade hit the spot. Very nice of her. Saturday, I got out to watch Tron, and man, was it beautiful. I’ll get into it tomorrow, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope I get to watch it again. We also took the boys to see Santa on Saturday, and I was really nervous how that was going to pan out. Neither boy really likes strangers (my genes right there…), and a guy with a beard, I figured they’d flip out, but they did awesome, I was really proud of them. Sunday, Mo was able to get out and do some shopping. She needed the air, too. I also got out and got my computer as well. Hopefully, there will be some digital art here soon.

…I know, I know. Plans, plans, plans…