Man, you’d think after living all my life in Indiana that I’d finally be used to the shitty winter weather. I am not. Contrarily, there are very few other places I’d be than in Indiana. Granted, it’s more my family than the locale… say,  if they were to mass exodus to Australia or Arizona, I wouldn’t be heartbroken to follow them. But, until then, I freeze my butt off to realize how good the summers are.

So what’s shakin? I stayed up WAYYYYY TOO late last night, and, instead of being exhausted my brain is unfocused and scattered. I’m heavily distracted today, and that’s not helping. Good news, though. I was able to secure a ticket for Mo to go to Chicago for the day so she can go to a museum exhibit. Go me! I guess there’s some kind of ‘megabus’ that runs from Indy to Chicago, and through a coworker, the to ticket cost me a shopping 2.50$. I was happy I was able to play giving husdand AND cheap bastard all in one fell swoop! I will of course buy her ticket into the exhibit, and it’ll do her some good to get air. That’ll give the boys and I plenty of time to find some trouble to get into.

Man… I’m telling you… I’m severely distracted today. It’s horrible. Fortunately, work hasn’t been too unforgiving to where it’s been a hinderance for me, so that’s a plus.

So Christmas. Mo wants either a Nookcolor ebook reader or an Ipod. I figure I can get either at Best Buy to get me some rewards bucks, and then I can get something shiny for myself. :-D. Mo keeps asking me what I want. I don’t want anything… I’m content. And what I need is pretty limited. Besides, anything I usually want I just go and buy for myself anyways, so it’s kind of hard to tell someone what to get me. And I hate giftcards. Lifeless, no thought, boring, and it makes your Christmas tree look boring. Boo. So… what do I want.

I’m pretty sure a harem is out of the question…