But I didn’t want to. And honestly, time was of the essence as well. There was zero time by myself for most of the day. It was pretty decent company, granted, but it’s not like I could go off by myself for 15 minutes or so. By the time I’d get back to the hotel, it would always be creeping up on 9, and by that point, I’d just want to go stupid in front of a tv, if not sleep.

So, there’s my excuses… How was the trip? A pretty decent time, actually.

We went down to Sarasota, Fl for training for our new system, SAP (yes, yes…get it out of your system…), and was down there for less than a week. I flew in Monday morning, and left Friday afternoon. Training started off slow, frustratingly so. By Wednesday though, it kicked into high gear. I felt I have a bit of a grip on it, I still have plenty to learn, though. By Thursday afternoon, I was generating purchase orders just like always. But on Friday, I panicked and forgot half of whaat I learned. So, I’ll have some practicing to catch up on. As I’m now shared over two divisions, my workload will be a bit interesting…

Evenings were pretty fun. We’d go to a decent restaurant for dinner, half the time chains, other times local establishments. The local places, while expensive, were ooooooh soooooo mummy. I tried scallops for the first time, that was fun. We ate out on the water one night, that was fun.

I got to hang out with Carole McBryde and Frank Mellgoza, fellow buyers, which was really cool. It’s nice to put faces to voices. My boss was also down there, and his boss as well.

I’d definitely call the trip productive, but there’s so much more to do yet. I’ll talk more about my trip tomorrow.