I hate people. Dude was being a dick to his kid. I know I’m hard on the boys, but I sure hope as shit I don’t come off like this douchebag. Telling him to shut up and not be stupid… man. People, you can never hug your kids enough. As I said, I just hope I don’t come off like this guy did. It would break my heart if I treated my boys like that.

Anyways… so what’s going on today? Just thinking about this weekend, and what I’m going to say. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but a little something. Hmmm. Don’t know.

Other than that, I’m pretty much readjusted to the real world. It being balls cold pretty much helped the process. Man, I hate cold and winter. I’d love to hibernate. That would make me oh so happy. I could wake up just in time for spring training baseball. Aces by me.

I signed our team up for league play in January. It’ll be nice to see Jacki, Tini (still a bit weird calling her that), and Scott again. Hopefully we’ll be a bit stronger now that we have history and our new guy, Vikas, should help us out. Our team color? I think it’s called Heather Cardinal, or something to that effect. It’s a muted red, which beats the shit out of our ‘Honey’ color from our last sand team. It’s starting a bit earlier than I thought, as it turns out, the first day that I go bi-polar with SAP and Oracle at work. It’ll be a very hectic day. And hey, Carole, my team lead, will be in town. Maybe she can come and watch me make a fool out of myself. It’s always fun to start a stressful week out with some comedy. :-)