In terms of collecting, if I can get it, it isn’t rare. Never fails. I see something that I absolutely cannot find, almost to the point of thinking it won’t come out, and I knowingly overlay to just make sure I get one, you can bet your last dollar that I will find it later on for standard price or cheaper. It’s like clockwork.

Case in point, as I’ve fallen in love with the Tron movie, I’ve pulled the trigger (and did a bit of backsliding) on the Tron toys. Originally, when they came out, they were 9.99$ a figure, astronomical for the size of the figures. So I easily passed. And then Toys R Us had a sale on them… that hooked me… and I had to get the set. But I got them one the cheap, so I could deal. I then discovered there was a Quorra figure (Olivia Wilde’s character ), and, obsessive-compulsive me took over. She wasn’t out in stores anywhere that I had seen, but she was on ebay. So, like a knucklehead, I forked over the cash for one. Yesterday, I got it in the mail. Yesterday afternoon, I found two of her at Meijers. *sigh* Another day in the life. BUT, I wanted it, so I pulled the trigger. It is what it is. Let me tell you, this figure is no Olivia Wilde. You cannot see her face, she wears a helmet that she wore for a whole 5 minutes of the movie, if that. There’s a few heads I can use as customs, so I’ll probably end up going that route.

I’m such a dork.

Side note, Hungry Howie’s pizza is probably some of the best pizza you can get. The butter crust with bacon cheeseburger style pizza is the best.