Ever since I got this Droid X, my raging self-spelling nazi has been on hiatus. Partially me not re-reading over what I type, partially the fact that this is a touch keypad that you can’t feel the buttons, and partially the fact that, as smart as this thing is, it can’t read my mind, lends to typos and entry errors. It’s got to be a pain in the ass to read, and for that, I’m sorry. I also notice that I double type stuff, as well. That stems from me having a read space of about 1/4″ by 3″ to read what I type. If I don’t see it typed, I re-enter. But, that’s all excuses, and truth is, barring spelling errors, this thing is great and I wouldn’t have a quarter of the entries I’ve had if it wasn’t for this thing. So, I suppose I’ll have to deal with the errors until I can refine my typing.

Getting back to Florida, we got to socialize with other SAP trainees and trainers at a cocktail party at one of the guys’ house. There was a decent turnout, where I got to meet a couple of people that I had dealt with for years but never saw their face before. That was a great time, we had a drink or few to cut the ‘I don’t know you’d barrier, and laughs and stories, both work and play, were heard. That will be one of my favorite parts of the week, for sure. What’s even better was that I was accused of hitting on a VP the day after. Of course I hadn’t, and I had people back that up, but it was funny that I was accused. What happened was I had met a VP on our way out, and she had a muddled English accent. I adore accents, so I made an off-handed comment about what she was saying sounded adorable.

One of these days I’ll keep my trap shut, but not soon.

In other news, there’s a service for Bruce this weekend. As it turns out, I’ll be speaking a bit at the service so…that’ll be interesting. I hate talking in front of people. But, it’s for Bruce, I owe him that much. I’m kicking myself for not speaking at the funeral, but at the same time, I neither was in the frame of mine to do it, nor could I with all the people there. So…we’ll see how it goes on Saturday.