Seriously. I had nothing witty for Facebook today, I have no fun titles…just boo.

But… I do have only one more day at work this week, and that’s a good thing. As an added bonus, I think I’m going to take Griffen with me, as there’s only one person in the office tomorrow. Thaat should give Mo a bit of relief, too. And who knows, it could be fun. I just hope he’s relatively calm tomorrow. I’ll bring some toys and my netbook so he can watch some movies if he gets bored. And, if I get nothing done, I can totally blame it on him 😛

So last night we actually put a dent in the basement cleaning. I figured not much got done, but we did a decent job. I still have plenty of work ahead of me yet, but that should be pretty fun, actually. It’s sorting, piecing together, and putting on display my collection. My hope is to switch rooms and eliminate all the crap in one room to put in a ping pong table. Not sure if it can be done, but thats what I want to do.  If I can attack it this weekend, I may be able to do a decent number on it.

So I tinkered with my Quorra Tron figure last night. I took a Joe Helix head and boil and popped Quorra’s helmet head off, and did a switcharoo. Turned out really well, the skin matches, so I don’t have to do any touch-ups. Yay! I did have to paint her hair black, but that was cake. It was a good night all around, as Griff put two big pee’s in the potty. Awesome for him! Hopefully today’s a repeat performance.