Me, that’s who! Well, unless the house caves in around me and I’m left SOL, that is. It’s all wifey’s fault, too.

She made mention of maybe getting me a Wacom digital sketch pad, and initially, I said no, because the only computer I had was upstairs, and I didn’t want to be confined up there to utilize it. So I got to thinking… my Netbook received a fatal blow to the floor, courtesy of my children, where it won’t work now unless I have a mouse. So two and two make four, and thought, hmmm, what if I get a new laptop? I could use it to draw downstairs, and use it for normal wear and tear computer stuff. Genius! So, I’m looking to see if we have room to get a new computer. I think we do, but I don’t want to drain everything to do so. I’m having Mo look at a few for me to help me decide. New computers are always such fun.

Other than that, not a whole lot to chat about today. It’s fucking miserable and slick out… I hate winter. Poor Liz got into a wreck today, I feel bad for her. The first thing that my mind flashed back to was Bruce and his accident, and that’s not a happy place. Man, I don’t want to lose another friend that way, period. So…people, take your time getting wherever you need to go. It’s not that important.