Man… Russia, Tunisia, Egypt… damn. Everyone’s PMSing, it seems. While it’s true that I’m more interested in Egypt only because I fear for the historic artifacts, Tunisia is interesting as hell too, to see how it plays out. And poor Russia, man, that still sucks for them and the terror strike. You can’t find a peep of it on our news stations though. Or at least, I couldn’t. And it happened, what, last week? Sucks. But anyways, yeah, seems Egypt is going to hell right now. I would say, overthrow, overthrow, overthrow, but truth is, I don’t know anything really about the usurpers. They could be worse, and fueling the masses to move an agenda along. Damn nations. Hah! Like that play on words, there? I tell ya, I’m a freaking comic genius.

So, excellent news to report: Mo got her grant!! I am so happy, and so proud of her. She did things that were especially difficult for her, in taking math tests and selling herself to strangers, and did the thing. I can’t tell you how happy I am for her that she was able to rise against and achieve. Now she has free tuition for 18 months to get an associates in Health Information …something or other. But basically, deal with medical records. Good for her. Good for us. But, that takes ALL her time, and mine. She has class Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The weekdays are in the evenings, naturally. So, it’ll be the boys and I alone for a while. I’m happy and nervous at the same time. I’m sure we’ll manage, and it’ll wear, but it’ll be fun, too. And really, its for the best.

I’m going to pick up paint swatches today for painting the office. I can’t wait! Hopefully it’ll turn out as good in actually as it does in my head! Hopefully, it can ‘warm’ the room up and rid it of Mo’s …experimental… paint job. We’ll see!