There’s my warm and fuzzy greeting for the new year. I was gonna go into a long winded wrap up of the year on New Years Day, and honestly, I got sidetracked. I assume you imagined as such.

So we start off the new year with a new challenge. I’ll be watching over new kids on a new system at work, meanwhile watching my old kids as well. Once again, I am buyer extraordinare, and you may indeed bow. However, I’m mightily busy, and have a fellow buyer in the office for a couple weeks, so time will be scarce at best. I’ll still communicate, but it will be small messages at best.  Such as this one.

As you can see, I’m working with my Wacom more and more. The Alley Viper below was fun. I do want to tinker to see if I can do the original as well. Shouldn’t be that hard. I’m also working on a Harley Quinn now, hopefully have that one done tonight. We bought the fifth season of Doctor Who, so I’ll be working on the art as we watch that. I do loves some Doctor Who, and I DO loves me some Amy Pond, so, it should be a good night.

See? Short one today.