And what I does is slacking. But hey, you gotta admit, I’m much better than I have been in previous years. So… that’s saying something, right? So what’s been going on? Tired as hell, that’s for sure. It’s my own doing so that’s good/bad. The boys have been sleeping well, so that’s allowing us to get our rest. But Mo has been reading a couple of books lately, so I play video games… till at least midnight or so. Dumb dumb dumb… but its good times, so I can’t complain.

Griff’s kind of backslid on the pottying thing. It sucks, and Mo is getting frustrated, and so am I, honestly, but it’s part of the game. Two steps up, one step back. This morning after he woke up, he, in a just got up zombie state, walked into the bathroom to do his thing. You go, lil dude! We’re getting there!

Not sure if I ever mentioned my new gig at work. Siemens, in general, is switching over to an SAP-oriented office. All other divisions have switched, minus us. We go in April. However, I’m in early as I’m helping another division during their switch. It’s kind of cool, I get to tinker early, and I get to deal with new people. But man… this conversion… yuck. A lot of their info didn’t translate right, so we’ve been dealing with that mess. It’s a learning curve, company wide, and I hate being patient and waiting for others to get their shit done. But, it is what it is, and I’ll do what I can to help. But man, is it a fucking head ache.

Mo’s heading back to school now. She’s also looking into getting a grant for medical transcription…something or other. Not sure, but it sounds like logging in, cataloging, researching and all around boringness to me, but Mo seems really interested in it, so hopefully something pans out. Good times.

Volleyball is tonight. Looking forward to getting back out there to redeem myself. I had a rough week one, I need a solid week two to come even.