Yes, believe it or not, I am a perfectionist.

Anyways, I got paint spray on my phone this weekend, so I had to change out the screen protector. I swear to God on high, there is nothing more aggravating than trying to change out a screen protector. No matter what I do, no matter how many times or ways that I wipe, no matter how clean it looks, I ALWAYS miss a spot, leaving me with a bubble on my screen. It’s sitting there, mocking me, driving me nuts. Grr. Happened on the last one, too.

So, speaking of paint, I actually attacked a project I wanted to work on Sunday. I took our office upstairs, and started the paint process. Mo had a mind-melting white room with big red and blue checkers on the ceiling. She liked it, but I just couldn’t get down with it. So, she had her experiment, it’s time for my experiment. The walls will be a lighter green with a light tan ceiling. I’m hoping it gives the room some life and brightness, and yet still has an attractive look to it. Right now, personally, I just can’t get down with what Mo was trying, and it was annoying more than anything. So, we’ll see. Progression pictures coming over the next few days (hopefully). I’ll work on it some tonight, and then on Wednesday, unless we get some crap tomorrow. Then I’ll knock out some then, as well. I hope for the paint job to be done by next weekend.

In other news, man, potty training is a bitch. Griffen is basically turned this into trench warfare, and he’s dug himself in good. Sunday, we flat made him run around butt-ass nekkid in attempts to get him trained. Result? He peed in a heater grate. Argh!! So, the fight continues. We’re even thinking of seeking out specialists for this. He’s practically 4, we need to nip this sucker in the bud.

It’s month end at work, so things are kind of mildly crazy. I still need to get stuff done, but I cranked out a bunch of stuff last night, so that helps. This morning has been chick full of SAP crap, so I haven’t even helped most of my branches this morning. Which means I’m gonna get screwed this afternoon… yay…