Man, it’s been better today than yesterday in regards to the new program at work. Yesterday was a train wreck. All kinds of shit was going wrong. Today, well, shit’s going wrong today, too, just not as much. And, moreover, it’s not my fault, so all is well. It DOES backlog my work, though, and that pisses me off. But what can I do? Just ride the wave, man. Ride the wave. I knew there were going to be issues, and I knew I’d have to wait on others to get back to me so I could fix it, but shit, man… it still su ks. I want to get my shit done so that I can go on to the next train wreck.

Damned if toy collecting hasn’t reeled me in completely again. Because God loves to torment me in my hobby (:-P), he blesses stores that are NO WHERE CLOSE TO ME with items that were flat out cancelled by Hasbro. Mindboggling. Ross Stores, a close-out store like TJ MAXX and Big Lots is all over the country, minus the Midwest. Which is a ton of crap. Most of my contacts are in the Midwest! Damnation. So I’ve virtually contacted most of the people from my branches in the states where they are, to see if they can help me out. Here’s hoping. All this trouble for a 16$ toy… sheesh.

In other news, we had a completely successful overnight potty incident, where Griff peed before bed, didn’t pee overnight, and peed in the morning. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Hopefully he can keep it up!