Seriously, for some reason, I always typo the word ‘the’ on my Droid. It usually comes out ‘re’ or ‘th’ for some reason. Now, I know I’m not some super typer, but for pete’s sake, you’d think I could get that out. I don’t know if I move to fast, or if my fingers just miss a letter or something, but it’s annoying.

So, today’s a big day for Mo. She finds out if she gets grant money for tuition for something in the medical records profession. We’re both excited for her, I hope she gets it. I think it would boost her confidence, get her into school, where she wants to be, and get us closer to living a reasonably comfortable and stable life. Don’t get me wrong, its not that we’re on the verge of losing it all, but it sure as shit would be nice to not have to live from check to check. It’d be nice to get the boys a college nest egg rocking, too. But, we will see by 4:30, she said. She’s got to be a nervous wreck right now. And Phoenix is sick, so that’s not helping matters.

So, for any who are reading this, think happy thoughts. We could use them!