Ugh. As our family plays it’s usual fun past time of Pass the Cold, I find myself being the loser/winner this round. I’m sharing it with Phoenix as well, unfortunately. Poor guy. There is NOTHING worse than a sick kid, man, I’m telling you. They have no idea what’s going other than they’re fucking miserable, and in turn, make mommy and daddy miserable as well. So we have been on meds, in hopes that we can either beat it, or give it to someone we don’t like 😛 .  I kid, I kid.  …somewhat.

So what’s shaking today, not too terribly much, I’m finishing the day off at home, working in the office here. Every time I work in here, I think, DAYUM, does this room need a paint job. If I don’t have anything going on this weekend, I may do just that. I’ve never painted a room before, and to be honest, I’ve always been scared to. I’m always afraid I’ll fuck something up. As a perfectionist, I can see the multitude of my screw ups as well, so much so, that it gnaws on me. I’m a huge second guessed as well, so let’s see if I can get over my issues. Totally doing a deep and/or vibrant green. I’m diggin’ it.

In other chore related news, I’ve bagged about half of my upstairs collection, so that gives me some gusto that I can get it done and start on other projects. I’m sizzling away at the disaster that’s the basement, so that has to please the boss some.

Alright, back to work I go. I know, short, but I really have to get back to work. Maybe more later, and definitely a Picture of the Day later.