Isn’t weird, if the phone rings in th early morning, or you see a text or an e-mail from a familiar name in the early morning, that it’s bad news? Ugh.

So I got a Facebook message from no other than the person I’d call my first girlfriend today saying that her grandmother had passed. Now, she didn’t pass that morning, no, it was a couple months ago. And truth is, she may have sent it last night. But I didn’t get it until this morning, so it still counts. I’m getting off track… anyway, her grandma had passed, and she knew that her grandma and I thought highly of each other, so Trish was kind enough to tell me. It was out of the blue, as she’s not on my friend list, nor do I remember seeing her on anyone elses’, either. Truth is, because it was her married name, I had no clue who it was at first. But still, it’s sad. She was a sweet lady and a bit of a firecracker with an impish smile. I stilled chuckle at the laugh she got at my expense when I had some of her canned peppers. And I’m still trying to match the taste of her strawberry-rhubarb pie. But, alas, farewell, Grandma Dwenger,  there’s no doubt you’re up there with angels!

Other than that, just another lousy Tuesday. No volleyball tonight, which makes it that much worse. I got my shipment of baggies in from Uline today, so I’m going to start bagging and tagging most of my collection tonight. Bittersweet, I’m sure. But it’ll be for the best. Once I get things organized, then I can start over, in a neater, cleaner fashion, if at all.

Who am I kidding? We know I will…