Until I get these new branches’ patterns figured out, my entries are going to be spotty. I just so happened to have a second to communicate today. Now, don’t you feel blessed?

This week sucks for a variety of reasons. One, no volleyball tomorrow. We have a bye. Our second in four weeks. Wtf an’ such! So that basically kills tomorrow’s fun. On the upside, it’s just the boys and I as Mo is doing some training thing tomorrow and Wednesday. So, yay for that! Well, not yay that Mo is absent, but moreso that I get to hang with the boys. But back to the boo… I’m at the beginning of a sinus cold. Man, whenever I get colds, it heads straight to my nose, never fail. Probably because I gots a huge beak, amirite? So, feeling pretty miserable about that, but I’m fighting it with NyQuil and OJ, my favorite 1-2 punch.

In other news, how about Russia, huh? Terrorists can suck it sideways, especially when they try to rip off a video game that did it first. Modern Warfare 2 started off with terrorists attacking a Russian airport. I don’t mean to make light of it, it’s atrocious that these fucksticks have to ruin the days and the lives of these innocent bystanders, people just trying to get through the day, to try to pro e some point, that, at the end of the day, will not change much. Wanna go after the military? Fine, I guess, not really, but between them and everyday you and I’s, yeah, wage war. They’re prepared for it, and it’s their purpose to protect and fight if need be. For the people who are commuting for work vacations, shit man, leave them alone. They’ve caused no harm to you. Grr. My prayers and thoughts to those family and friends who’s lost people in the Moscow airport attack. :-(