Whoops. My bad.

So anyways, we started volleyball last night. The old gang was back: Jacki, Christina, Scott and I, for another session. We picked up 2 new people for the team, dude named Brett that is a friend of Jacki’s, and Vikas, the dude from my last season, although he’s out for one more game as he’s on holiday. Unfortunately, our result last night was much like the first season we played in last year, we lost. Not bad, mind you, but we did lose 2-1. I didn’t do so hot. I had plenty of errors due to laziness. I just wasn’t on point at all. I netted a couple serves as well. I fucking HATE netting serves. Total fail. I also did some goofy thing where I tried to ‘pinch’ the ball to get it to squirt over, only to make me look fucking silly. I did have a couple decent plays, and I had a couple good serves, so that’s something. I need to do better next time. And, quite honestly, I have to do better next time. It’s too far of a drive for me to just screw around and be lazy. Still though, all that said, it felt good. It felt good to play, and it felt good to play with the old gang again. I missed their craziness. Good times.

I’ve moderately gotten back into collecting again, getting random things here and there. For the most part, I’m keeping it at the same scale, so that limits myself on what to get. And I have a lot of stuff that’s out there now. So that works in my favor, too. But, what’s really good is that I seemed to have lost the drive to GET EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW, OH MY GOD I NEED IT RIGHT NOW, which, for the most part, was the majority of the problem anyways. I’ll still get a couple things when I see it, but I try not to over exert myself to get it. Baby steps :-)