Which means I’ve only worked out once since the 9th, which means I missed yesterday. I’m not giving up early, I’m not. I got sick last night and went to bed at 7, and, for folks who don’t know, I don’t like sleeping. Well, okay, it’s not that I don’t like sleeping, I’d just much rather be doing something, anything else. So I ended up sleeping 11 hours yesterday, which means the following: I was unable to help Mo with the boys, I was unable to finish painting (although I got most of it done), and unable to do the P90X routine. I suck. But, I hope to make up for it tonight. I’m going to work on the painting tonight, and do the P90X routine. If I have time, I’ll try to clean a little, too.

And also, it’s official. I’m now shooting blanks. I got into the doctor’s office to do a final check, and I’m cleared. So, no more lil rugrats for I. It’s …conflicting. I was kind of sad once I heard it was final. No more lil babies. But then I remembered: 1, 2, 3, and 4 o’clock mornings suck. Not to mention the strain physically and emotionally on Mo. So, I took the bullet. Lucky me.

This morning, I had a weird dream. I met someone who introduced herself as Mol, short for Molly. She kind of had a Sarah Silverman look to her, just not as crass. What’s funny, is when she told me her name, I was like, ‘Ah, I see what you did there…Mol, Mo…yeah, I got the relationship there.’ She was like, no, my name is Molly, but you can call me Mol, and walked up a flight of stairs. I know noone by that name, and think I’ve only crossed paths with one Molly to my knowledge. Anyways, anyone that knows me knows that I love the dreamscape. For me to interact with a new entity is always fun. It would be so, so awesome for the entity to make another appearance. Yes, I’m a dork. Its been documented.