Good God, it’s freaking freezing out. Do not want!!  It doesn’t help that I ate a cold cut sammich today for lunch. I wanted somethig warm and gooey, but I’m trying to eat better. I need to eat less crap, and more things that are relatively good for me. I said ‘relatively’… I know I’m no saint, and I know I’ll fall off the wagon again, but I still have to try.

Which brings me to my focus of today… I’m going to start P90X again tonight, although I’m tweaking the routine a bit. I figure, if I’m still pumping out the energy, that’s what matters. I’m cutting the yoga out. It sucks, I hate it, and the routine takes an hour and a half. I just don’t have time for that, anyways. For now, I’m going to do chest and arms as well as the … Uh, whatever else was with the An Ripper program. When it gets warm, I’m dumping that element for jogging. I enjoy that more than working with restriction bands, so I’m going with it. I’ll be going 5 days a week, with Monday and Tuesday off, I want to make sure I’m okay for volleyball. When it warms up, I’ll run on day 6. I hope I stay with it, I want to be trim again. I’ve also worked a reward incentive into the deal, as well. Every day that I work out, I pocket $3. At the end of the routine, I should have banked enough to buy a new pair of Oakleys. I’ve been wanting a new pair for a couple years now, this is an excellent way to go about it. It’s gonna suck, I’m going to bitch and whine, but it has to be done. I have to ditch the weight. It’s making me slow, tire easily, and my jump is atrocious. I need better. So..ah…anyone taking bets on if I finish or not?

Last night was rough. We came out first game with a win, but the next two, we were just FLAT. Like, rediculously flat. We couldn’t string anything together for nothing. I botched my fair share of attempts, from flat missing attacks to ugly bumps. I felt heavy and slow, and I missed some balls that I could have dove for, but like I said, just flat. Boo. Try again next week, huh?