So… An entry every other day this week. What a freaking slacker. It’s been busy, though. I’ve been running around quite a bit during my lunch hour, and usually don’t have a chance to gather my thoughts, or, like Tuesday, I was sick, which did no good for anything. I had to do running around earlier to make sure my ebay packages shipped out on time, too. I’m terrified they’re gonna show up all mangled and destroyed a lá Ace Ventura, and they’re gonna want their money back. No! It’s my money now…no takebacks! So, of the three auctions, two have sold netting me $510, before fees and such. Still don’t know much much I’m gonna get hit for in fees. Kinda dreading it. Still though, I did already use some of the money to get caught up on my Joe collection. I’m still hoping my last auction can get me in $175+, just for good measure. I need a little to get me a lil sumpin-sumpin, but the rest is to go to San Diego Comi-Con exclusives or Skystrikers. I’d seriously love 10 of those jets.

I’m hoping this awesome weather holds out. If so, fatboy’s gonna go for a jog at least once. I need to bust up the rust, so doing it over the weekend will give me a day to recoup. Plus, I have to clean up the sticks and weather debris from the trees outside. That? That won’t be as fun. But needs it. Now that the snow and ice have disappeared, it’s left behind a mess, and it’s a bit embarrassing. So, that’s a chore for the weekend. Also, my mother-in-law thinks I’m gonna bust out a circular saw. That should be interesting. And bloody. I’m about as handy with tools as a blind quadrapalegic. It won’t be pretty.