Yeah, I know writing a personal blog is the new-age diary writing, but if I don’t get this crap out of my head on some days, I just go batty. Plus, it helps me by writing (The’s be damned…), by getting in the habit of just doing it. I am such a creature of habit, that once I actually get into the swing of something, it’s hard for me to break it.

Anyways, on to today’s entry… I didn’t post yesterday, because I went home at lunch sick. I hate sinus colds. Thats all I usually get are sinus colds, and they suck. And you can’t get any sympathy for them, either. Because you feel JUST tolerable enough to do your daily grind. So, yes, I could have worked yesterday, and been okay, I would have been flat miserable. What’s the point in that? So…did I rest? Yes!! …no. well, I was taking it easy, but instead of sleeping, I played Call of Duty. What can I say, I’m a slave to the game. But, I took medicine, I drank OJ, and I was relaxed (relatively), so, its all I could ask for.

It was just me and the boys last night, and they were on SUCH good behavior. I was so happy. They played while Cars was on in the background, Griffen went to potty, they both ate okay, and neither fought going to bed. Definitely a good night!