First and foremost, happy birthday to my main man, Lil P, Phoenix as he’s celebrating birthday #2. Two years ago today, lil dude was in our world on the nastiest snow storm of the year. Even from start, he was polar opposites of Griffen. Griff came by c-section, Phoenix came aú naturale, Griff was a high maintenance baby, Phoenix was chill and relaxed. The differences go on, but I’ll stop there. We’re all very fortunate to have little dude around. Even though he’s been highly irritable lately, the kid is a riot. He’s a funny little character, with a mind all his own and a personality of a little stinkerpot. Ornery, but adorable and a touch mischevious. Both of our boys are awesome and amazing little guys, we’re blessed with both of them, so give a lil shout out for P as he celebrates his big birthday today. We unfortunately can’t celebrate today, as I have work and Mo has class this evening, so we have to celebrate on Saturday. I feel bad, I couldn’t even have taken the day off today, as other people have the time off. Boo. I really feel like a bad parent as we’re unable to celebrate as we should. We suck. :-(

…man, I was in a good mood until I started writing…

Anyways, we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch today, and Tom and Krystyn both wanted Spicy chicken. The lady asked, ‘How hot you want, one through ten?’ It kind of took us all off guard, but Krystyn said eight, Tom said ten. When the food got there, they both dove in. Krystyn started complaining and getting flush in the face, Tom was impressed but ate slowly. He kept saying that he was glad it didn’t get any spicier. I tried a bite, and it was the spice that took a second, but got ya just before heading down the esophagus. Krystyn ate most of hers before giving up. She was full on flush with a runny nose. Me being interested, had to try a bite. Holy shit, that was spicy!!  Turns out, they switched the plates. Seems Tom got the eight, and Krystyn got the Oh-Fuck-Oh-Damn. It was hilarious, you had to be there, even the owner had a chuckle over it. Our work lunches are usually entertaining, but the spice just added to it.

So, looks like I’m going to be into toys for a while longer, it seems. Unimax is coming out with Assassin’s Creed figures, and these, I must have. I loved the games, so now that they have figures in the same scale as G.I. Joe, well, let’s just say I’m full-on on board. Yay!!