Actually, not too much. Couldn’t afford them when I was younger, so I never got into them. But what I DO loves is some Batman and Avatar: The Last Airbender. A couple of years ago, I got a few sets of Legos because it was on closeout prices from what a standard price would be. I’m talking, $100 set down to $30. $40 set down to $15, stuff like that. I never had the time, or never made the time, to sit down and put them together, so in the box they stayed. Well, from results from Toy Fair, turns out I’m going to need a bunch of money. So I decided to Ebay the sets. One set, the smallest, I might at, already sold for over $100. The largest set has offers of $375 and $350. This is good news to me. It will allow me to buy a squadron of Skystrikers!! Squeee!!!! This is all assuming the transactions goes smoothly. And, if the other one sells for what I want it to, that’ll put me into the $600 range I’ll have to tinker with. From three sets!! Woo!! I wish I could make a profit on a quarter of the crap that I own. I’d be doing alright for myself. The trick is to forget that I have the credit available until San Diego Comi-Con is upon us, so I can get some neato stuff. I think tomorrow I’ll talk about all the fun stuff seen at the New York Toy Fair…because there was all kinds of goodness there. I don’t think it’ll be an expensive year for me, but the fall is going to be brutal with the relaunch of the G.I. Joe Skystriker. Multiples, I say.

So, today is Commercial I Love You day. Valentines day. yay. I never have liked Valentine’s Day, mostly stemming from me being alone so damned long. Then we get that force-fed ‘Love you’-‘I Love YOU’ crap, it just made it worse. Then even when I was with someone, it seemed kind of bullshit for one (now two, thanks to the other Hallmark holiday), day out of the year, to give someone you love something special. Why not just do that any day? Plus, today, you feel obligated to do so, whereas random acts of kindness mean so much more.

Boo, Valentine’s Day, I say boo to you, sir.

But Mo’s pretty good about things. She doesn’t ask for much. A couple pints of ice cream, all I wanted was some turtles. I LOVE chocolate covered turtles. I can eat a box in a setting. Mmmmm. So, we’ll do that. I’ll try to pick up something small for the boys. But, honestly, this ‘holiday’ can shove it.