It’s flat out unreal, man. Seriously. So Mo texts me yesterday to say that Nancy Dauby told her to tell me hi. Now, that means nothing for 99% of you. But, here’s the story. When I was dating Trisha in college, Nancy was Trisha’s roommate or a year+. I can’t remember how long they lived together, we had broke up I think their first year of rooming together. Now, if memory serves, I think Nancy and I had only been in the same presence with one another a couple handful of times. And this was over ten years ago. So I was shocked that she remembered me, let alone met my wife in a city that neither of us were from or planned on being at. Truth be told, when I first got on Facebook, she was one of the random people I did searches for, ya know, just to see if she was there. She wasn’t, so I kinda forgot about it. Seems she’s the head of the health career section with either Ivy Tech or St. Vincent, I can’t remember which. She dealt with Mo on her grant application, so she’s interacted with her in that regard. Anyways, I guess she recognized her last night, and approached her last night, just letting me know she said hi. And, so help me, I WISH I could recall how Mo broke it down that she knew me, but it was pretty long winded and funny. Anyways, it’s always nice to hear from decent folks you haven’t heard from in some time. She always seemed like a fun loving, happy and decent person. Cool. :-)

Volleyball tonight. It’ll be nice to play again. Its sad, we’re in the middle of our season, and I feel rusty. We’ve had a ton of byes and snowed-outs (iced-outs?), so it feels like forever since I’ve played. And it’ll probably show tonight. But still, it’ll be good to see the gang and get out and play. I miss it. I hope we can squeak out a win, we definitely need it.