Of course, I say that now. Yesterday blew friggin goats. Everything about work yesterday was a clusterfuck. Nothing got done, work kept getting backlogged, and I was drowning. I had to take an extremely late lunch, and I only did that because I was super pissed at the world, and needed a moment to catch my breath. Today, so far, not so bad. I don’t feel like I’m drowning, so that’s a plus. Some of the things are actually processing fluidly, so that helps. Let’s hope it ends on a light note, because I need air.
Enough bitching about that. Griffen had a completely clean underwear day yesterday!! No accidents! He both pooped AND peed in the potty all day!! I am so proud of him!! I’m sure there will be more backslides, but yesterday was a good day. Hopefully, he can keep it up. We did underwear on him again today… here’s hoping for positive results!