Okay, so my pseudo-ADHD kicking in again, I’ve found a new interest. Designing T-shirts. Like, Pop Culture-y t-shirts. Now, I knew of Cafepress, and have done some things through that for the Joe club that I’m a part of. But there’s a web site that was shown to me that does things like that, only a bit differently. Over on Teefury.com, what they do is deliciously simple. They offer up one shirt a day to sell. One shirt. One style, one design, one shirt. That’s it. For 24 hours, they offer up this shirt for sale. Once the sale is over, it doesn’t come back. And the designs of these shirts are entered and submitted by artists. That’s where I’m hoping to get in. I’ve already submitted 2 designs, one yesterday, and one today, in the hopes that I get picked. Truth is, I probably won’t, but for me to not even try would have been unacceptable. I’d rather fail than not try. Anyways, what happens is, for each shirt sold, the artist gets a dollar. They’re sold at $10 a piece, so it’s not a terribly high price. And, seeing as how the money isn’t extravagant, I’m much more interested in seeing some random person that I don’t know walking around with something that I designed. That would be the biggest high for me, period. And, say, if I was able to make some money along the way, even better, right? That’s how I see it. Here’s hoping!
So this weekend’s pottying with Griff went okay. Not the best, but far from bad. He only hwa couple accidents, and for him, that’s pretty darn good. We may be well on our way. I’m sure there are going to be backslides, but man, I definitely feel there was some progress done.
So my auctions were 2-for-3, so I relisted the last item again, in hopes I can get the proper attention. It already got a low offer, so maybe this will be a happier week for that one. I really want to get $150 for it, but only time can tell. Once that thing’s sold, I can breathe easier about some things. Wish me luck!