Man, I can already tell that this week is totally going to be better than last week. Typically, I don’t forecast such positive things, but the past two weeks SUCKED HARD. It wasn’t due to volume, hell, I’d take volume in a heartbeat over last week’s clusterfuck an hour issues. I couldn’t touch anything without it falling apart. The stuff just kept piling up, and I couldn’t do anything, up to the point of suffocation. And forget about even entering stuff here. Blah. I at least don’t have a handful of people that I’m babysitting, to where I can take care of my own branches. I’ve got a ton of follow-up to do in the next couple of days, so I’ll still be busy, but it’s taking stuff off the garbage heap instead of continually adding to it.
Of which, I have to get back, but I wanted to stop in and blow off the cobwebs. Yay.