I won’t lie, it could be worse. It could be much worse. The job, that is. I still hold on that my time as assistant manager at apartment complex is still the worst job I ever had, and I don’t think it’s gotten that bad, but this job is taxing. Physically and emotionally. And it really shouldn’t. I mean, it REALLY shouldn’t.  My company is making this gig hundreds times harder than it really is. It’s like corporate is going out of their way to make our lives living hell, when, they really don’t have to. But, eh, what can you do.

So other than that, life is it’s chaotic normal self. The boys are growing up so nicely. Phoenix is still in that whiney phase, where, if he’s happy, he’s a gem, if he’s not, he’s an unholy terror. Griff really is starting to become a big boy. We’ve almost got this potty thing down with him, and not a moment too soon. Still working on the poop thing, but, he’s getting it. I’m so happy for him. Mo’s Mo. She’s got her schooling going okay, and she’s got a part time gig with a spa/hair salon, so good on her.

I found out one of her coworkers is a Naptown Roller Girl… How freaking awesome is that?! I keep wanting to go to a …Uh…meet?, and just never get around to it. But it looks like such fun. I’m not a skater myself, but I can understand the want of competition and the desire to play. If I can get Mo out of the house, we’re totally going to one of these games.

So Saturday was Record Store Day, where limited release vinyls were being sold. One of which was a Daft Punk release from the Tron soundtrack. As I was hooked on this line, I had to get it. The kicker was: there were three variants of it. They were clear records that looked like the identity disks from Tron Legacy. To top it off, they had three colors of identity discs, blue, yellow and red. After we finished Griff’s first soccer game, the boys and I hunted down a record shop. The line was HUGE. I got there a half hour after the store opened, so I thought I had a chance. I found an employee, and asked him about it. He just chuckled and said they were LONG since sold out of it. Naturally. Mind you, I was there a half hour after the store opened. So, me being the obsessed collector that I am, I jumped on Ebay. Let’s just say, I got two of the three and leave at that.

Griff’s first soccer game went okay. It was cold, rainy and nasty, and G wanted no part of it. That said, he tried for the most part. That’s all I ever asked of him, and I was pretty proud of him. I don’t think we have a soccer player on our hands yet, but a little boy who tries, gets exercise, and contributes to a team is good enough for me. He’s awesome.