We’ll see how this goes. Not promising anything, as there are still plenty of hiccups to be had with the SAP conversion, so entries may come and go for a little while longer. All in all, it seems a much smoother transition than when I went Live with the Municipal side of things. Problems a plenty, don’t get me wrong, but Municipal was that much more of a pain in the ass. Of course, that said, I’m hip-deep in SAP now, so I could hit the ground running. I’d like to think I’ve been helping my team out some, although I’ve had my share of questions. Even though I’ve been on this system for three months, they still do things differently, so that makes me stumble at times.

Bleh. Enough about work. Griffen’s first soccer game is Saturday!! Exciting!! …and nerve-racking. Ya see, Griff couldn’t give a shit less about soccer. He’d much rather be doing something indoors, say, watching cartoons or playing with toys than soccer. Hell, at times, I think he’d much rather be napping than play soccer. But, he’s got to try. He has to put the effort in. He needs to find what he likes and what he doesn’t. I’m just hoping he finds some kind of athletic event that gets him excited. It’s funny, I can’t keep Griffen out on the field, and I can’t keep Phoenix off the field. That’s all that kid wants to do is play some kind of ball. So, I don’t know WHAT Saturday has in store for us. Hopefully it’ll be a good time.

Other than that, we’ve just been running through the motions. I did some work outside yesterday, hoping the grass seed and fertilizer use this rain to grow. The lawn looks sickly now, I need to turn that around. Slowly mending that. As soon as dad comes up with the roto-tiller, I’m REALLY gonna make some changes. Good bye, crap in the front yard!!

…sigh… back to work I go. Hopefully I can get back to entering ritually again …