…okay, maybe not.  But I’ve been busy as hell with work and life, so, unfortunately, that means the blog gets ignored.  Unfortunate, but that’s the truth. 

     I was even off last week, but time got away from me, so I was unable to enter anything fun.  Work is being an unforgiving bitch, and it seems it will continue to be so for the time being, but, I have been able to breathe this week, so that’s a plus.  Of course, the week’s only half over, sooo…  Who knows.  The hammer could get dropped at any moment, I suppose.  I’m not sure if I entered anything or not, but both my volleyball season and Griffen’s soccer season came to a close.  The volleyball was typical annoyance, as my team consistantly had issues of being there the whole time.  I loved playing with Jackie and Christine, as usual, but Christine had issues showing up.  And another one of the guys missed half the season, so, that does no one any good.  But in lighter news, Griffen’s soccer season was something unusual.  He didn’t much care to be there, and it took him most of the season to get the gist of what was happening.  To be honest, he was WAY young for the league… I didn’t find out until halfway through that the league was a 6-8 year old…duder’s 4!  I didn’t sign him up (I thought he was a tad young), the mother-in-law did, so…surprise to me.  But, I think it was a good experience for him.  He needed the exercise, he needed the fresh air, and he needed to understand what it was like being on a team.  I don’t think he’s going pro any time soon, but I think he did learn some, and participated.  And that’s all I ask.

Unfortunately, it’s got to be a quick entry today.  I need to get to work before it’s too late so I can get a jump on stuff.  More tomorrow, hopefully!