Two days in a row!! …kinda.

I meant to submit something earlier, but it was a late night last night, and was barely conscious this morning. Freaking storms. Which, personally, they don’t bother me. If anything, I sleep harder during storms. But Phoenix, man, he hates thunder. With a passion. So we had to stay up awfully late making sure that he wouldn’t flip out. The storms luckily lost their teeth by the time it got to Indy, but the south got hit pretty hard. I hate. I HATE twisters. Them being unpredictable and random, and unforgiving. They’re also extremely unfair. One house can be destroyed while his neighbor would just have downed limbs. Blech. If I never see a tornado, I’ll be a lucky soul.

So I’m thinking of relaunching my web site. I miss having a toy web site, and I still have it, I just don’t do anything with it. I have to create a couple pages for anyways this weekend, might as well revamp while I’m at it. Don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but I’ll figure out something.