It’s how long it took me to get my Taco Bell for lunch today. Over 6 minutes. I don’t know what’s more sad, the fact that it took 6+ minutes to get my just above edible food, or the fact that I actively chose to go there. ‘Hey, you know, Taco Hell sounds alright today!’ Pfft. Indeed. And now that gruel is probably going to sit in my stomach for 386 seconds before I have to make a mad dash.

…too much? Sorry. Feel my pain.

So, I’ve been doing more 3D work. An RC car and the beginnings of an aerial drone. I’m hoping to finish that up this weekend. If I do get it done, I’m sending it off to shapeways to get printed up. If it works, you’ll probably hear me “Squee!!!” from where you’re sitting currently. I tend to get lost in minute details, so let’s hope I don’t overlook and little details. Then, if it works at THAT stage, I’ll try to cast and reproduce. Here’s hoping!

EDIT: UGH. I just re-read my post, and I can’t believe how bastardly it reads. It wasn’t even the angle I was going for when I wrote it. How arrogant does it sound that I’m bitching about waiting a couple minutes for food when some kids have to wait hours upon hours, if not a day or days. Honestly, the original idea of the post was to bitch about how impatient I am, and whining about seconds, so much so that I’m worried about mere seconds.

I don’t think anyone still reads this, but if they do, I’m sorry. That’s not the angle I meant. I am extremely over fortunate that I can even go out and get a bite to eat, and much less do it on my choosing. Such a bastard paragraph. I’m sorry. I’ll leave it there, along with this to show I have humility, and that I can recognize an error.