So… welcome back!! After a long hiatus due to work and WordPress on the phone being a raging bitch, it feels kind of nice to get back on the horse. …huh… did you know that ‘gorse’ is a word?!  I, did not…

So what’s been shaking? The job has been crazy since the start of the calendar year, with me splitting my work between Oracle and SAP. But it got flat out insane on April 1st, when we full on converted. I didn’t think I could make it through, it was so nuts. I was hunting for jobs, for both fear out of losing this one, and for my sanity’s sake. It was rough. Things were backing up, I was getting hit at all angles, and I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Man, I never want to feel that again. It was like I was bleeding out in a shark tank with a dozen sharks just taking bites at me. SUCKED. As you can probably figure out, things have calmed to a dull roar. It’s still busy, but I kind of feel like I can stand on my feet and not get constantly removed and inserted into various fires. It was a long fight, and I had help along the way… I wish I could say I dug myself out, but I actually had help. And, for that, I’m greatly appreciative. It definitely help get my bearings.

What else is new? Mo is working part time. She’s not bringing home anything to write about, but she’s helping us get by. She’s still working on her grant program, so that’s sucking up a ton of time. But it’ll be SOOO worth it if she can find a decent paying job out there. Plus, she’s happy to be back in school. So that’s a plus.

The boys are doing well. Griffen was S L O W on the potty training thing, and still has accidents from time to time, so we missed out on preschool for him. I’m kind of bummed. He’s a smart kid, and I don’t want him held back. I’m kind of hoping we can find something for him at the start of the year. Phoenix is doing okay. I’m telling you… that kid has an arm on him. I pray and hope that he stays interested in sports, because I think he’ll do well. Griff couldn’t care less, unfortunately. I’m afraid he’ll be like his mommy and content on the sidelines. I hope not, but who knows.

I’m doing okay (now). Now that work stress has kind of calmed, I can relax a bit. I’m still in my hobby. Actually, starting next month, I’m opening a new web site for my collecting, I hope I can maintain the focus needed to run this thing. We’ll see, I guess.

Well, I’m back for the foreseeable future, so, please, make sure to come back and visit me!