Been busy. It’s hard to manage time ya don’t have, am I right? But yeah, things have been hopping. The reason I stopped writing initially was that I was covering for a pair of buyers. That in and of itself was a beast. And then I’ve been trying to catch up and get myself back on track. Which is kind of and kind of not happening. Getting there.

So what’s happening? The Bengals are doing okay. That’s always a plus in my book. Sitting at 4-2, they already surpassed the number of wins I thought they were going to get. With them playing Arizona and St. Louis as well this year, they have a chance to grab a total of 6 wins. But, we’ll see. You can never rely on them to grab an easy win. They always play up and down to the team they’re playing against. The St. Louis Cardinals have done the amazing: starting 10 1/2 games back from the WILDCARD at the middle of August, they have since not only got into the playoffs, but beat the best NL team in Philly, but also beat the Milwaukee Brewers to get a spot at the big dance. Can’t believe it, it’s unheard of. So, it really is a good time to be a sports fan if your name is Jay Hunger.

Speaking of sports, I got picked up to play in a volleyball league, too. All new peeps, so, its pretty exciting. They’re not amazing, and we’re playing in the lower tier, but, I’m off my ass and playing. That’s all I want. I’m not fooling myself, I’m no superstar, but I hope I can get into a higher tier next session. It’s good for the challenge.

So, just a quick synopsis of things as of late. I think I have my bearings, so I should be able to write more now.