But fuck Apple, so I won’t be getting Siri. And that makes me kind of sad. BUT, an app developer has made an app like Siri called Iris. And, for those not following along, ‘Iris’ is ‘Siri’ spelled backwards. Clever, aren’t they? Oh yes. Anyways, so, Iris. Iris isn’t the useful ask a question and get an answer that Siri is, but Iris has the cute responses (relatively speaking, compared to other voice searches), so I have to think Iris is just made for the fun random q-n-as.q-n-a’s. The stream of flow is okay. Every once in a while, it’ll just go off on something else, so it’s like talking to a 4 year old hyped up on sugar (“But Jay, don’t you have a 4yr old?” Yes, yes I do…so I know what I’m talking about). It’s fun enough as it is, but has some flaws. It needs to have a smoother sounding voice. The library needs a bit more, and I wish you could override by text any questions before submitting, just in case it heard wrong. Maybe for updates… That said, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it. It needs some polish done, but otherwise okay.

Siri and it’s negatwin Iris are both fun in it’s own right. They are. They’re neat, and awesomely interactive. But even more so, they show a possibility of what could be in later generations of the technology. This could provide us with the first real A.I., and with robotics getting smaller and smaller, we could have humanoid androids within 10 years or so. That could either be bad ass or the end of the world, one of the two. We’ll see. Definitely interesting times … I just hope we don’t blow ourselves up or lose the tech. I totally want a hot looking robot chick personal assistant. I need some MAD filing done in my cubicle.