This time of year is a special treat. Not necessarily a good treat, but a treat nonetheless. McRibs are back at McDonald’s, baby, yeah!! And, I couldn’t help it, had to have one. It was a little thin on sauce, but otherwise tasty as ever!

So what’s shaking… Freaking had a bolt in a tire yesterday. I had to blow off work for about an hour so I could track a place down to get a new tire. There’s $132 I didn’t have, and now totally don’t have. I swear to God, I get more fucking nails in my tire than should be warranted. Seriously, there was a time I thought the neighbor’s hellion kids were doing it, it was that bad. I hate getting tires, I hate replacing tires, I just want my car to run perfect for 10 years without doing anything to it. Is that so much to ask?!

So I just heard… Ghadafi(sp?) is dead. You know, I understand the dude was dangerous internationally in his younger days, and he was still a dangerous man to his own people currently, but really, the depiction of his actions was so Batshit crazy that it made Cobra Commander look like a patient and calculating benevolent ruler. …which is bad. But humorous. Again, I fully realize he was killing, torturing and disfiguring his own people, and that’s bad. There’s no excuse for it, he shoulda been punished or dealt with, but, the guy was fucking bonkers, man. You have to think that the worlds’ other leaders loved him and the wingnut from North Korea, just so they can look in the mirror and say, ‘At least I’m not THAT bad. That guy’s fucking cuckoo for coco-puffs.’, and can go to sleep better that night.

What else is going on… Cardinals have won the first game of the World Series! Sweet! It was a close one, too, at 3-2. Chris Carpenter had a great outing, and then Tony LaRussa, the Cards’ manager, threw everyone up in relief that he could find, as he’s become famous for this postseason. He tried to get the mascot in the game to relieve, but he was otherwise occupied shooting people with the shirt gun.

This is the type of blog you get here, folks. From food reports to world affairs to the sports report. Its how I roll. I’m just surprised there was no toy talk…