Is that you can say whatever you want, and no one cares.

So, not a whole lot has been going on lately. I’ve been pretty busy with work, so I don’t get a whole lot of time to enter anything. It’s just the breaks, yo.

My teams are doing okay. The Nebraska Cornhuskers are having an okay year, not great, not horrible, but could be much better. The Bengals are doing better than I had hoped, but now they give a taste of wanting more, which is typical good Bengals football. They lost against Pittsburgh, which hurt, but was expected, and now they have Baltimore next. No rest for the weary. In the off season, my Cardinals signed former player Mike Matheny as skipper for the team. What. The. Fuck. Not that I’m casting doubt on the potential of Matheny, but shit, man, dude hasn’t even COACHED professionally, and he lands a dream job, coaching one of the elite baseball franchises, in probably the best baseball town. Hu-wha?! How did that happen? Regardless, I wish him the best, and I hope he does the team justice, but man, the decision, I just don’t know. I do love a catcher getting the position, though. Catchers are the smartest players out there, they have to run the team on the field. Wait, what? What did you say?  … Why, yes. I was a catcher. Thanks for noticing.

So the meaning for my header. Truthfully, its been my mantra for years. But in this case, there’s actually a reason. Coil Con is coming up next year, and again, it’s my mission to put together a couple exclusives. On here, you’ll be given privy pictures of the upcoming items. I’m not tagging them, so they won’t appear in searches, but they’ll be here. Anyone that checks this site will be given info before publically released. Should be a good time. And seeing as how I don’t even think Amy checks this site anymore, well… it’ll probably remain a secret until unveiling… lol