I know I’ve talked about this before, but I LOVE dreams and the psychology behind them. And, yes, sometimes the parapsychology behind them. I had a wacky dream last night, so of course, I tried to write it down the best I can. If, for nothing else, an interesting read later on. I was able to get most of what happened this morning, not all of it, but enough to get the idea of what happened.

So, age old question, but what causes this? What fires in the brain to tell us who’s in the dream, what happens in the story, what causes the parts of the whole? What allows some people to remember all the details, while others have no recollection that any dreams took place? A nervous tick of mine, is, if someone I know but haven’t talked to in a long time shows up in a dream, someone I haven’t thought about for a while, I usually try to reach out to them to see how they’re doing. A bit of parapsychology, but I want to make sure they’re okay, and not trying to reach out to someone. Hey…it could happen. And, no, never have I contacted anyone saying they needed help, but I feel the moment I ignore it, someone may be in trouble. So, some psychology states that dreams are our brains being imaginative about dealing with stresses and common every day problems. Why others say its the brain running the imagination because it can’t turn of. Then there’s like three people who are saying it’s messages from the beyond. I won’t lie… I definitely wish it was the latter of the three, but I highly doubt it. Working out solutions could be a definite answer, I know I’m always trying to figure out problems here and there…its possible that my unconscious brain won’t let it go after my conscious brain had moved on. Faint memories firing with fresh issues. Likely, probably. And, yeah, your brain could be Hollywooding it up some, to make it cohesive, logical, and quite frankly, interesting. Personally, it’s probably nervous energy firing brain cells, recalling scattered thoughts. On the occurrence that the brain can work out a series of events, a true ‘dream’ occurs, and not just random thoughts. So, where do nightmares come in? Maybe throwing in anxieties on top of the nervous energies, problems that are a burden, more than typical life challenges. I don’t have but maybe a nightmare a year or so. It’s weird. I mean, I have scary dreams, but I’m so interested in them, I’m not scared per se. The only things I’d consider nightmares are things that would happen to my family or friends. I did have one dream that terrified me, so much so that I deviated from an activity that night. That’s happened once, that I can remember. I’ve had nightmares of people dying or being isolated, that’s messed me up that next day. I don’t care for those. But, usually my dreams are pretty positive. Some are completely epic, involving things I can’t even possibly imagine. Or, I should say, I didn’t think I could imagine. I do my best to remember them, as they fascinate me to no end.

As someone who likes to create comic book-esque stories and ideas, dreams are a WEALTH of information. Societal norms and life customs are thrown out the window, and what’s left is the raw, primitive unparalleled power of the brain and it’s imagination. If I can harness that power, the stories I could generate would have no end.

I’ll have to talk more later. This is definitely a topic that I thoroughly enjoy.