Doodle A Day - 2014

So, in an attempt to get me to post stuff, and get me to practice drawing… I’m going to try something. Now, I know my history…I know that I lapse if not just quit…but I’m going to try. This shiny tablet has the capabilities to let me doodle, and post almost immediately (or as soon as I can get a connection), so I’m going to try to post doodles. Daily. Of random things, of anything I decide to doodle. I’m posting for me to see, for you to see, for everyone to see. And judge.

I’m pretty thin skinned when it comes to my art. But I also judge myself more harshly than anyone I know. But, what I’m also bad at, is getting feedback. So, trying something new. I’m trying to get feedback. I want to know what others see that I miss. I know that I’m not that great, but I know that I’m not horrible…I’m somewhere in between. So, with practice, with it out there for people to comment on…I hope that I can get my art to where I like what I do. I would like to where I can do a web comic. That’s the goal.

I have no idea what kind of art I will here…it probably won’t have much rhyme or reason, so… Here goes nothing,

I appreciate any input. Thanks for stopping by!